Guide Services and Cultural Tours

Rucina’s company, Dhyana Putri Adventures, is set up to give people the experience of a lifetime, be it for only half a day to a full month immersion program.   You can elect to focus on the arts, architecture, the environment, women’s issues,  or learn how to dance, play gamelan music, make offerings….the list is endless.

Many universities have brought students here to work with Rucina for 3-4 week programs, including UCLA, Williams College, University of Montana, Eastern Illinois University, Union College, University of San Diego and more.

Rucina n Sidia kecak
Rucina and Made Sidia teaching in Singapore
It looks easy but it is hard
Learning gamelan with the best


A Ganesha made out of rice at Pura Ulun Danu Batur



Seeing the longest nails on a dancer (OK they are put on to make the character more spooky


Go behind the scenes at Balinese rituals

Since heading up the Academic Semester Abroad program, Rucina has amassed a network of academics, artists, artisans and literati that she calls on to give lectures and workshops or to answer pithy questions.   She has been guiding since the 1980s and had the honor of guiding the Obama family in June 2017 when they were on vacation in Bali; Amanda Palmer (the rocker) and Jack Kornfield (author) have also used her services.

At Tirta Empul with Clem and Matthew copy
Praying at a Balinese Hindu temple


amanda palmer n ru
Rucina and Amanda Palmer
jack Kornfield playing the gong













ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) has been working with Rucina for over two decades.  Drama student and teacher groups from international schools worldwide have participated in ISTA workshops organized by Rucina where top experts in the performing arts of Bali teach and share.

We also handled all the Elderhostel programs (three week study tours for over-55 year olds) in Indonesia from 1985 – 1996. Not only academics but students of life have seen Bali through our eyes.

Ford Foundation, the Asia Society, docents from the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco have either held events at Rangki or been guided by Rucina.

dibia teaching kecak at rangki - 06
Prof Wayan Dibia teaching Kecak at Rangki


Prof Marshall Johnson and his students learning how to plant rice (those are not socks on their feet!) with the head of the Women’s Farmers in Tabanan