Rangki creates taksu (spiritual charisma), and emanates radiance.

RANGKI is set in the middle of a vast Balinese traditional garden, 40 minutes west of Ubud and 15 minutes north of Canggu beach, in the small village of Abianbase, Mengwi. Puri Rangki has been designed as a ”created Balinese palace” to preserve the ancient traditional philosophy of Balinese architecture and botany.

Puri Rangki is a sanctuary filled with plants, trees and herbs used in healing and in Balinese Hindu ritual. It sports outdoor stages, three Barongs, a Semaradhana gamelan orchestra, a sacred spring, hundreds of rare trees and plants, Ballinger River and a myriad of “Kori Agung” grand gates, carved walls and niches that are all built on the traditional Balinese code of architecture known as Asta Kosala Kosali. Rangki is a gift to the owner’s (the late Anak Agung Gede Putra Rangki ) community, his family and descendants.




IMG_0500                    IMG_9454

The “beji” or holy spring for the adjoining temple of Pura Hyang Api



Rangki’s swimming pool

IMG_0730   IMG_0647

Wayang shadow puppets carved into pure stone at the BEJI
after the rainy season, the puppets                                wear a mossy cloak
2015-07-11 16.18.30
The Bhuta Siu door blocker



It is available for rent for pre-wedding photography or weddings; workshops, performances and dinners .   There are small accommodations on the grounds that can be rented long term.  (see Rangki Rental)

The late AA Agung Putra Rangki

Agung Putra’s great respect for the teachings of his ancestors about plants and traditional architecture inspired him to create Puri Rangki. He has tried to create a space that will maintain the cosmological harmony found in the natural elements of earth, water, flora and fauna that naturally is integrated with the natural surroundings found here. By conserving rare plants related to Balinese ritual and healing, and listening to what they have to offer us, we can discover their essence that has been placed there by the Supreme Entity.