Our offerings


Rucina sets up programs for primary, secondary and university students as well as provides individuals with custom tours.


As Bali is renown for its arts, you can study one of the myriad art forms here on the island: dance, gamelan music, stone sculpture, kecak, mask-making, offering-making, painting, sacred kidung songs, poetry—the list goes on and on. Throughout your stay, you can meet with experts in their fields and listen to lectures, participate in learning activities (how to plant rice!) and go on numerous field trips to experience daily village and urban life in action.  Mind you, some of these programs need to be set up far in advance and may be more suited to groups than individuals.  Just ask me and I will do what I can to make this the trip of a lifetime!


We can set up lectures for one to one hundred people. Want to know how the Balinese think about the current state of the world? Or simply need to know what things mean? We can provide lectures on nearly every subject from geography to tourism, form theater arts to cooking, from women’s issues to weaving.


On a practical level, we can set up your hotel or other accommodations, find qualified yoga teachers and healers, suggest healthy places to eat, spas and body treatment and more. We can set up a program filled with a variety of activities or simply give you suggestions on where to go and what to do.

IMG_9387Journey with us as we take you to rituals and ceremonies where the many layers of meaning are peeled away.

Feel the extraordinary spiritual power that this island has to offer by participating in temple festivals or meditating in sacred spots. Experience the tranquility of the deities—(the mountains) and the spirits of purification — (the sea).

Dhyana Putri Adventures can facilitate the journey of serious seekers of balance and harmony as well as more light-hearted adventurers. We go to great lengths to ferret out special rituals and ceremonies, rare forms of performance, life and death cycle rites such as baby ceremonies, tooth filings, weddings, and cremations for you to witness and document.

Bali has much to offer to first-time or veteran visitors:

  • Processions and purifications, temple festivals and timeless rituals to deities and spirits, trance dances of the gods, and mountainous offerings of fruit, incense and holy water
  • The gotong royong or mutual cooperation that occurs in village communal life
  • The splendor of the dance and music, intricate paintings and woodcarvingscropped-batur-sunset-copy-2.jpg
  • The Balinese sense of balance as manifested in their temple, village and house compound structure
  • Tranquil spots in nature filled with serenity
  • The beauty of terraced ricefields and majestic volcanoes