Here are just a few of the testimonials from people who have worked with or been guided by Rucina:

Jack Kornfield celebrating his 65th birthday in Bali


“Rucina Ballinger is a treasure! She offers amazing insight, wisdom,  cultural understanding and loving support for anyone who wants to truly experience the gifts of Bali.”
Jack Kornfield
Buddhist Teacher

A star at dawn, a drop of dew, an echo, a rainbow and a dream.  


ista logo.pngThe International Schools Theatre Association has worked with Rucina Ballinger for over 20 years. Primarily in the area of international immersive arts events. Rucina’s organisational skills are consummate and nothing is left to chance. Every detail is poured over and the quality of the events are 2nd to none.

            We have always been impressed with the quality of workshops and performances. All delivered by some of the top artists in Bali. Therefore our students have received the best tuition possible. Linking master classes to performances has also enhanced understanding for our young people.

            Hotels, transport, catering are all organised perfectly and the schedule runs like clockwork. Hotels are comfortable and catering true to local cuisine.

            Rucina’s knowledge of Balinese arts – historically, culturally, socially and religiously is so rich and she is able to provide that valuable context to the workshops and performances.

            She also carefully crafts every event so the young people experience the Balinese arts within their cultural setting. I remember about 20 years ago watching in awe as we had a Wayang Kulit demonstration in the puppet master’s home followed by dinner – also in the master’s home. This opportunity to experience an art form un-detached from its wider context is a rare thing and ensures the learning is richer and more impactful.

            I cannot recommend Rucina enough – she is thorough, knowledgeable, organised and a sheer delight to work with.

 Sally Robertson, Executive Director, International Schools Theatre Association



Rucina is nothing less than a marvel.  Everyone from a first-time tourist to the dedicatedIMG_0026habitué of Bali will learn more from her than you could have imagined.  Under Rucina’s creative guidance you will experience a Bali to suit your particular interests and curiosity, drawing on her decades of life as an accomplished dancer, comedic performer, temple official, community development leader, and member of a royal Balinese family.  An erudite interpreter of the island’s culture, Rucina is as well versed on Bali’s unique history and role in the Indonesian archipelago as she is on its environmental and demographic challenges, traditional marriage rituals, cosmology and evolving agricultural practices.  I encounter new and exciting dimensions of Bali every time I’m with Rucina and you will as well.
Suzanne E. Siskel (who for many years as head of the Ford Foundation in Indonesia and, more recently, as Executive Vice President and COO of The Asia Foundation has relied on Rucina to arrange bespoke tours, traditional meals and cultural events for visitors to Bali from all over the world.)