Rangki house rentals

HOUSE RENTALS.  There are three houses available for rent at Rangki.  All of these are ideal for people who are self sufficient, want to live in a village but have their own space and are respectful of nature.  There is a small swimming pool on the grounds.




THE LOJI is a fully enclosed space complete with bathroom and small kitchen. You can close yourself in, turn on the air conditioner and relax to your heart’s content or open up the windows, turn on the fan and enjoy the breeze coming in from the ricefields.



The Loji


THE WANTILAN is a two story space totally enclosed by wood set in the middle of Sunyi of Rangki.  The solitude is inspirational here.   There is an outdoor bathroom and small kitchen.  The upstairs loft has a double bed.

The Wantilan
Wantilan porch


A 100-year old Torajan house has been rebuilt on the premises and is outfitted with a Western kitchen and bathroom.With its typical curved roof and buffalo horns on the front pillar, this unique house is ideal for a writer, painter or simply someone who wantssolitude in a rustic and beautiful setting (currently under renovation)

There is one bedroom upstairs, a downstairs space for living/office and of course, all the nature of Rangki. This is not a villa with all of theamenities but rather a special place to learn about Balinese nature and the nature of the Balinese village.







These are only available for long term rental with a minimum of two weeks.